Monday, 13 June 2011

How 2 enjoy Your Freedom 24/7

Am going 2 show you how u can browse all day without anytime limit wif ur free user freedom account..
                                Am going 2 give u 2 methods

  • Method 1: download an older version of your freedom n use..whn the message come dat u hve 5 minutes left cos u can you can use ur freedom 4 only 60 minutes 'DONT' click the ok button continue browsing
     But mke sure u hve tick the connect automatically in ur freedom configuration  
  • I mean da reconnect after server shutdown 
  • Method 2: when da 5 minutes message comes dont click ok go to ur time n date properties n set ur time 1 hour backwards so whn time is 3oclock mke it 2 oclock
    Thn go 2 da time zone tab n untick adjust clock daylight saving changes
  • Click ok n click ok on your freedom msg..after 60 minutes when da msg comes again dont click ok continue browsing


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