Monday, 5 September 2011

How To Unlock Upto 64GB RAM in x32bit Windows 7

Sometimes, you might have more then 4GB RAM installed in you pc with a x32bit Windows 7.
But mostly you get sick of seeing message,
"3.25GB of 4GB RAM is Usuable" when you go to My Computer.
Only for this unlocking Problem you may decide to Buy a new x64bit Windows.
But you really Don't want to spend these extra few money because Of Microsoft Putting Limitations.

Well, Guess what.. U don't need to buy Windows..
I m posting a Small Apps that will Unlock these 4GB Limitations and NOT ONLY THAT.. .. ..
Now U can Put upto 64GB of RAM in a x32bit of Windows.
Here Windows Means : Always Win7

you can download the rampatch by searching in various file sharing sites like 4shared, filestube, rapidshare and a lot of those, you can also get it in a torrent site which i will recommend as one for you.


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