Friday, 20 July 2012

How to Reinstate Windows Mail on Windows 7

1. Download the Take Ownership Shortcut.(attachment at end of post)

2. Go to your Programs folder and Take Ownership of the Windows Mail Folder.

3. Make a copy of the folder in case something goes wrong.

4. Go to the same folder in Vista and copy it or if you don't have Vista you can download the folder here.

(attachment at end of post)

(attachment at end of post)

5. Now Delete the original folder and replace with the Vista ones.

6. Open the Windows Mail folder and right click on the WinMail.exe and create a shortcut.

7. Rename the shortcut to Windows Mail and the Pin it to the Start Menu or the Taskbar.

8. Start Windows Mail and Enjoy!

    * Download:  (622 Bytes)
    * Download: Windows Mail (4.89 MB, 127 views)
    * Download: Windows Mail (5.19 MB, 118 views)


  1. Thanks very much, good info and the downloads worked great

  2. Thanks, good work i liked!


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