Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to download facebook Photo Album of you and your friends

There are number of options, through which you can download facebook album.
Download Facebook Album Through a third party website
Facebook2Zip: It is the simplest utility, if you just want to do normal download. You need not install any software or extension to download facebook album for this. This is a simple web utility. Open Click on “Login with Facebook” and enter your facebook credential. If you are already logged in to your facebook, it will take you through automatically.
Now, in the “choose friend” tab, enter your friend’s name as shown in the picture below. If you want to download any of your albums, just click on your name.
In the third tab, it will show you list of albums available for download. Here you have the option of selecting multiple albums.Now press the download button and the album will be downloaded in your computer.
PickNZip is another utility in this category and supposed to be the best one. You can access this site from here. The good point with PickNZip is that it allows you to download the photos, where you are tagged. It also allows you to download selective photos. You can also download videos. The user interface is quite simple and easy to understand.
Download Album with the help of an extension
You can also download the album through a Chrome extension, calledDownload FB Album mod. You can download the extension by clicking on thislink. Once installed, you will be able to find a small page action icon, when open a facebook album. If you click on page action icon, it will give you different options for download. After selecting your option, press Ctrl-S and select “Webpage, Complete” in the Save prompt window. It saves the webpage and all the photos. You will get the options as below
Normal Download – It tries to auto-load all the photos.
Download without autoload – For large album, it doesn’t auto-load all the photos and hence it’s faster than normal download.
Load from specific id – Here, you have the option of downloading selected photos by fbid. Fbid is available in the url, when you open a photo from the album.
Facepaste is another extension in this category, which is meant for Mozilla Firefox.
Download Album through Desktop Application
Fotobounce: Fotobounce is a desktop application. You can download it Once installed, open the application. It is available in two modes i.e. fee (ad supported) and licensed. After few initial settings, you will reach the home screen. Scroll down below and you will be able to see Facebook. Click on “Log In” and enter your facebook credentials.
Now click on Photos to see all your albums. You can just right click and download any album. The photos generally get downloaded in “My Pictures” in the windows OS. In case, you want to download albums of your friends, click on Friends under Facebookà. This will show you the names of all your friends. Now, click on the friend’s name, for which you want to download album. It will show you all the available albums. Now, right click on the album and download as before.
Fotobounce has lots of other features as well, which you can explore yourself.
Another software in the same category is PhotoGrabber. The software for photograbber can be downloaded from this link.


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