Sunday, 30 June 2013

How To Download Free Quality Torrents (No Virus)

The internet world became more interesting with the launch of p2p downloads years back evolving to what we now know popularly as TORRENTS, how torrents work is simple, and easy to understand but people shy away from it because of the viruses and security issues involved with it. The basic idea behind torrents is to share free stuff around the world, but fortunately and unfortunately for some people, paid stuff are the most searched for in torrents which makes it now mostly illegal considering the arrest of some downloaders and host of torrent items.

This post, which includes few pictures, is to explain and give tips on how to download quality torrents and avoid viruses and be free from security threats.
  1. Visit Popular & Known Torrent Websites.                                                                                         The first tip to talk about is to visit known sites, further in the post, i will point out number of good torrent sites to download your torrents. The reason is that, most people create a temporal site to spam and advertise their stuff and make available or your dream downloads, but might not be downloadable for a reason all the other, so do not hate to join the main stream when it comes to torrent download because it saves a lot of hustle.
  2. Check Up-loaders Rank or Position In The Website.                                                                 Most torrent sites make available the rank or popularity of the person who uploads a particular torrent. Before gaining ranks in torrent sites, or to be regarded as one, one must be well known of good torrents and healthy torrents, so do not feel lazy to make a little inquiry about the uploader      
  3. Read Comments Of Registered Users                                                                                          Make sure to read well comments beneath the torrent you are to download and be sure the people commenting are registered users and should give a positive feedback from them, this is one of the most important things to do.
  4.  Understand The Meaning Of torrent Extensions.                                                                      This is mostly required when downloading movies and applications, one should know what (cam, tvsync, webrip, dvdrip, hdrip, brrip, .mp4, 3d, .exe, .apk,........) means for movies, i recommend Dvdrip, Brrip,  and Mp4 for quality sake.
  5.  Ensure The Availability Of More SEEDERS.                                                                            A torrent is regarded as very healthy when it has more seeeders and seen as dead when it has got no seeders but sometimes leechers. For simple understanding, get to know that seeders are the people who have completed the download and left it on for others to download from it, whiles leechers are the amount of people who have incomplete download but are still sharing to others, so make sure there are enough seeders for faster download rate.
  6.  Use A Good Free Bittorrent  Client                                                                                              Reason why I recommend free client is that, the difference in the download is much less than expected, but for anonymity reason, its recommended. a tiny client, widely used is Utorrent, which till date remains number 1 tho there are other good ones too to try
  7. Use a VPN For Security Reasons                                                                                                   To hide your identity and avoid police knocking on your door because of ip tracking which goes on in some countries, Use a Good VPN to hide your identity
  8. Do Not Be Scared Of Anti-Virus Warnings                                                                                 Sound funny to read that but hey, read this carefully, unless you are downloading cracks and some key generators for softwares and applications DO NOT USE THIS STEP, after you have verified the product using the steps above, some AV's may declare some cracks and keygens as viruses, but you shouldn't be scared as it is false positive, so in this case, you can disable your AV before downloading and resume its work after that because some AV's will block the download.
  9. Recommended Websites For Torrent Downloads                                                                      This should give you the green lights to visit any of the mentioned 5 websites in my review with less threat.
  10. Buy The Item You Downloaded When You Like It                                                                   When the downloaded item suits your demand, do not keep it just like that but instead purchase the item to help the producers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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